New Super PAC aims to elect BTC proponents and ‘vote against bitcoin politicians like Brad Sherman, Elizabeth Warren’ – Bitcoin news

New Super PAC aims to elect BTC proponents and ‘vote against bitcoin politicians like Brad Sherman, Elizabeth Warren’ – Bitcoin news

On Friday, Grant McCarty, director of politics and public affairs at Bitcoin Magazine, announced the launch of three policy efforts aimed at strengthening bitcoin public policy at the Bitcoin 22 conference in Miami. McCarty unveiled the Bitcoin Advocacy Project (BAP), the Bitcoin Policy Institute (BPI) and an independent expenditure-only political committee called the Financial Freedom PAC.

3 New Political Efforts Aimed at ‘Bringing an Orange Wave Across Washington’

A new Super PAC on the topic of bitcoin has been launched to help “choose a bitcoin champion”. According to Financial Freedom PAC The website, presented by Grant McCarty of Bitcoin Magazine, the new Super PAC supports “candidates who aim to defend and support the next rights of bitcoin owners in the United States.” In recent times, bureaucrats have discovered numerous regulatory policies towards digital currencies and many fear it is strict crypto regulation can stifle technological innovation.

Basically, the Super PAC is an independent political committee that collects donations to strengthen independent political activities and help shape public policy. While the Super PAC cannot donate directly to political candidates, the PAC can spend unlimited sums of money either to fight political candidates and legislation or to advocate for certain bureaucrats.

New Super PAC aims to elect BTC proponents and ‘vote against bitcoin politicians like Brad Sherman, Elizabeth Warren’ – Bitcoin news
PAC Financial Freedom website.

The Financial Freedom PAC explains that he supports four political candidates, including Ohio Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandela, California House of Representatives candidate Aarika Rhodes, Ohio House of Representatives candidate Matthew Diemer, and Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters. Corporations, unions, associations and individuals can donate to the Financial Freedom PAC, but they cannot donate to US dollars. The organization’s website states: “Fiat donations are not working at the moment. This is a feature, not a mistake. Please donate bitcoin. ”

The Bitcoin-focused Super PAC website adds:

The fight for bitcoin in the USA will be a marathon, not a sprint. In line with the bitcoin ethos, this organization will work with preferences for a short time, focusing entirely on high-impact expenditures. And by denominating our bitcoin balance, anything we don’t spend gives us more purchasing power in future elections. This is the first political organization whose power will increase with bitcoins.

Voting against politicians against bitcoin

In addition to the Bitcoin-focused Super PAC, McCarty also revealed Bitcoin Advocacy Project (BAP), i Bitcoin Policy Institute (BPI). The BAP launched the “Nakamoto grant” and awarded it to BPI after the institute published a white paper onBitcoin and national security. ” The BAP’s main goal is to “bring the orange wave across Washington.”

“In addition, BAP has supported the creation, development and funding of the Financial Freedom PAC – the first Bitcoin Super PAC to elect bitcoin champions and vote against anti-Bitcoin politicians like Brad Sherman and Elizabeth Warren,” McCarty said in a statement. Friday. “BAP has promised $ 100,000 to launch the PAC for financial freedom and has provided another half a million dollars in verbal commitments since the organization was filed.”

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What do you think of the new Super PAC dedicated to supporting bitcoin advocacy and positive public policy? Tell us what you think about this topic in the comments section below.

New Super PAC aims to elect BTC proponents and ‘vote against bitcoin politicians like Brad Sherman, Elizabeth Warren’ – Bitcoin news

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