NFT collector Justin Sun is NOT the Great Gatsby in the crypto world – CryptoMode

NFT collector Justin Sun is NOT the Great Gatsby in the crypto world – CryptoMode

NFT collector Justin Sun is NOT the Great Gatsby in the crypto world – CryptoMode

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, successfully won the competition for the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Heads last week. This unique collection was put up for special auction by Twelve Digital Zodiac Heads organized by Metapoly XM, a brand under Poly Auction (Xiamen) last week and was purchased for around 9,832,500 JPY (about $ 1,545,000), a price that opens eyes that can match the great masterpieces of art of recent years.

The works that Justin Sun won at the Poly Auction are not exactly the same as his previous spending on art. Every Chinese people understands the deep meaning of Sun’s purchase of twelve Chinese zodiac heads, which is also a good work for the renaissance of traditional Chinese culture.

Justin Sun was appointed ambassador to the World Trade Organization of Grenada last December, dedicated to promoting the integration of cryptocurrencies with sovereign states and boasting fans and followers around the world. The purchase of this collection is also an attempt to promote traditional culture as a true Chinese.

NFT collector Justin Sun is NOT the Great Gatsby in the crypto world – CryptoMode

Nothing else can attract more eyes in today’s crypto world like METAVERSE and NFT. The tsunami of new technology has deeply stunned large and small companies, including Meta, Microsoft, Disney, Nvidia and BATJ. These industrial giants are actively betting. But the lack of application scenarios has become a dilemma for future investors.

For example, how to properly measure NFT values? I mean, if you participate in a traditional auction, the range of criteria for each work is relatively clear. When it comes to NFT auctions, you could get completely lost given that a few hints of a pricing policy can be caught according to your rule.

Despite the above shortcomings, the blockchain-based NFT art industry is going viral. Justin’s personal NFT collections are considered part of the incredible momentum in the midst of the industrial tsunami. By the way, the total market capitalization of the value of NFT reached a new maximum of 17 billion dollars, according to the latest calculations of market observers.

Absolutely, Justin Sun can now be classified as a top art collector as he won many other famous NFT works last year, such as Nos (Le Nez), a cult work by acclaimed Swiss surrealist artist Albert Giacometti, for more than $ 78 million at an autumn auction Sotheby’s New York 2021, as well as Femme nue couchée au collier (Marie-Thérèse) by Pablo Picasso for $ 20 million and Three Self-Portraits by Andy Warhol for $ 2 million at Christie’s Even Art Salery of the 20th Century. He also won the tender for OCEAN FRONT crypto artist Beeple for 6 million dollars.

But the thing is, is he healthy at all or some kind of Great Gatsby just wasting money around the world?

Apparently, this young crypto tycoon may be aiming for more goals that observers are ignoring, he may be considering setting up a digital stage for future artistic performance. His ongoing collection of NFT masterpieces could become another major feat in his career dedicated to blockchain-based industries. Justin Sun has collected many top works of art and donated some of them to the APENFT Foundation for Digital Innovation in the Arts.

APENFT is supported by the core technology of TRON’s state-of-the-art blockchains with the support of the world’s largest distributed storage system Bittorrent File System (BTFS), dedicated to promoting the creator economy and fostering the integration of finance, culture and art into Metaverse. It is also believed that one of the animal heads in this collection will soon be listed on the APENFT Marketplace at auction and presented as a rare special breed horse in WIN NFT HORSE, a horse racing game launched by TRON, APENFT Foundation, and WINKLink.

Also, as an astute leader in the industry, Justin Sun has publicly announced his prediction that 50% of the world’s 100 best artists and works of art will be recorded as NFT in the next decade. The blockchain-based ecosystem builds a bridge between traditional art and cutting-edge technology, representing the most fruitful future for both the blockchain and the art industry.

Will it work again? First look at his record. You never know.

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