NFT inspired by real life – CryptoMode

NFT inspired by real life – CryptoMode

NFT inspired by real life – CryptoMode

The NFT segment continues to grow rapidly, each new collection surpassing the previous ones in quality and promotion. The Chill Benji collection of 10,000 3D artworks with 6 rare features looks special even in a competitive environment. He comes from the real life of Benjamin Franklin, but not one of the American founders. That’s why he calls himself Chill Benji to differentiate himself from his great predecessor and wants to fulfill this name. His way is to create a solid and large NFT project in which Chill Benji realizes his ideas about the community and his diverse life experiences. And it’s certainly not boring, because his slogan is “What a cold life!”

The Chill Benji NFT collection is not just a collection of his portraits. But this is something more interesting – a set of his modern clothes from all over the world. A scientist and fashionista, Chill Benji has long been involved in science and inventions. He was the one who invented the work from home, bifocal. essential oils and lightning rod. Maybe this is incorrect. But the truth is that Chill Benji still started traveling and decided to become influential in travel. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult for him not to be recognized on the streets of cities around the world. He was recognized everywhere and he quickly made friends, but because of that total hospitality, his articles for the travel column turned out to be not very true, as he likes. Chill Benji had to disguise his appearance and use many different clothes. This is how a large wardrobe of modern clothes and accessories was organized, which suits different countries and peoples. This is how the Chill Benji NFTs collection came about: NFTs are tied to 3D images of real modern clothing. They are of high quality with 6 rare features and can be traded on the OpenSea market.

How does Chill Benji attract investment?

NFTs are a good investment opportunity, especially if they are rare and if the community is large. Chill Benji is ready to do a lot to create such a community. First, he is an open and friendly person, so he has hundreds of friends around the world. But he believes he will have thousands of friends when he builds the Chill Benji NFT community. He developed a program of incentives and benefits for NFT holders. It includes both options known to users and very special ones that cannot be found in any other project. They are:

– Random airdrops for Chill Benji holders;

– minimum 15% discount on all Chill Benji goods;

– List the possibilities in the upcoming collections;

– Pre-sale prices of future collections;

– Opportunity for Chill Benji to express their wishes for future projects;

– And special requirements or custom Chill Benji projects.

As for the upcoming collections, they could be linked to another real-life story by Chill Benji. Traveling through Europe, Germany, he saw someone whose ability to relax even surpassed his own. It was a German Shepherd puppy, which looked like a stray. The dog wandered around with a few more strays and was in real chill-out mode. That’s why Chill Benji fell in love with the little puppy and decided to adopt him, naming him ‘GSD’, short for ‘German Shepherd’. It was love at first sight, now they are inseparable and together they traveled to America, lounging on ornate living beds. It is very likely that the next Chill Benji NFT collection will be associated with GSD, which became his main friend as he grows up. It’s the same as Chill Benji, because his first collection of 3D artwork also came from real life.

What a cold life!

What makes the Chill Benji NFTs collection stand out? The fact is that it was inspired by the very life of an exceptional person with a famous name and rich life experience. Chill Benji is also very interested in creating a large community around the world, which he has traveled far and wide. He will do his best to make 10,000 3D works of art with 6 rare features in high demand and their price will increase after that.

Chill Benji knows how to build relationships with people so that a huge community will surely be created. After all, he had previously created his own team of professionals passionate about the success of the project. Those in charge of project creation, art and future development are masters of their craft. A collection of NFT-related masterpieces and a large community is a good opportunity for anyone to join and invest.

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