Planet Fashion launches functional NFTs for fashion lovers, including a luxurious all-inclusive swim week trip to Monaco and the Monaco Grand Prix

Planet Fashion launches functional NFTs for fashion lovers, including a luxurious all-inclusive swim week trip to Monaco and the Monaco Grand Prix

Miami, Florida, November 26, 2021.

Planet Fashion, a leading consulting firm for fashion media and event production, has announced that it is partnering with The Lewis Trust and O Events UK to launch functional NFTs that serve as VIP passes for an all-inclusive travel package to Monaco during the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Monaco Swim Week in May 2022.

The NFTs for authenticated digital works of art celebrating the F1 Grand Prix and Swimming Week in Monaco are unique and also function as VIP access cards for a comprehensive travel experience at both events. The package includes the comfort of a private charter flight from Miami or London to Nice, France, with a three-day stay at the luxury four-star Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel. NFT holders will also enjoy VIP seats primarily at several fashion shows, the Monaco Grand Prix, and receive invitations to dinners, parties and events where they will be able to socialize freely with dozens of famous fashion designers, beautiful models and others. personalities.

Planet Fashion plans to roll out a total of 20 NFTs with a gold level and 40 NFTs with a silver level in the next few months, starting with the first two tokens at Art Basel in Rarible, An NFT market focused on creators. The remaining tokens will be discarded over several months on platforms such as Nifty Gateway, Binance and Conflux.

Planet Fashion is partnering with Smart Seal to create an authentication tag to be used on physical VIP cards sent to each NFT customer. Buyers of silver-level NFTs will be entitled to a full package of travel, VIP seats and invitations, less private charter flights.

The initial drop of tokens at Art Basel in Rarible will coincide with a series of top-notch promotional events. Planet Fashion and the Empress Jets will host a special event at Miami Airport on November 28, sponsored by Moet and Rolls Royce. During the event, Rarible CEO Alexei Falin will forge the first NFT live. The hectic atmosphere is promised with a live jazz performance and gourmet snacks served by the famous chef Brad Kilgore, while attendees can enjoy a live fashion show and see the Planet Fashion NFT gallery right there on the tarmac.

On December 1, Planet Fashion will continue with a series of NFT conversations in the security building in Miami in the early afternoon, followed by a red carpet fashion event with art and NFT exhibitions taking place in the evening. Then on December 2, Planet Fashion will jump on the $ 12 million Hydraex super yacht for the evening to host a B2B Networking event in collaboration with infrastructure startup Viira for metaverses.

Planet Fashion said that two functional NFTs will be presented and will be on sale at each of the three events in Art Basel.

Planet Fashion said it is a partner with Rainmaker application for the NFT market. Rainmaker is a decentralized, blockchain mobile social engagement tool that allows fans to discover, grow and earn rewards through social actions and align incentives with brand goals, to generate word of mouth and increase fan affinity. The app features transparent monitoring of digital impact and democratic distribution of social value, cryptocurrencies and digital rewards created by fans and communities of creators.

Singapore-based Epic Games and London-based H20 Labs will act as NFT sales representatives.

Planet Fashion has produced dozens of exclusive events on the Cote d’Azur over the past seven years, at the Monaco Grand Prix, the Cannes Film Festival and elsewhere. In addition, he is the main organizer of Miami Swim Week.

Monaco Swim Week, in its inaugural year, is billed as a top counterpart to Miami Swim Week. The launch of event-focused functional NFTs is an exciting, organic extension of the Planet Fashion promotional campaign, designed to appeal directly to fashion people who love art with a taste for life. Joining Planet Fashion produced by Monaco Swim Week is the esteemed Lawrie Lewis, former CEO of Top Marques who is currently the patron of The Lewis Trust.

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Headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, Planet Fashion is a fashion media and event production company that specializes in 360 marketing consulting for brands in media fashion, influencer marketing and technology. Planet Fashion develops, licenses and transmits fashion and lifestyle content globally.

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