Primark strengthens the role of digital by launching a new website

Primark strengthens the role of digital by launching a new website

Primark has unveiled the latest phase of its digital strategy with the launch of its new one Web page.

Created to better link travel between online search and in-store shopping, the new site features thousands of products from across Primark’s best-selling range, as well as fresh design, improved navigation and a new feature that allows customers to check stock availability. at their local store.

Launched first in the UK, before appearing in Primark’s 13 other markets in the coming months, the website represents a shift in the role of digital in business and recognizes the key role the internet can play in supporting in-store sales. to new customers. will present a significantly improved share of Primark products, bringing them to life with more images and more product information. Product pages will contain more product information and better images, with typically 3 to 5 images per product page using a combination of flat images and model images. Visitors to the site will experience better search functionality and filtering of products, such as size and color, which will allow users to enjoy a better browsing experience.

As part of its digital expansion, Primark is testing digital marketing to support the site. For the first time, it will collect customer data to provide more personalized marketing as customers will be able to create an account, sign up to receive regular business news and create a wish list of their favorite products.

The new site will result in the Primark brand and its product range being much more visible online when people search, as it seeks to make existing and potential customers more aware of what Primark has to offer to attract more people to stores.

Matt Houston, Director of Digital and Strategic Services, Primark, said: “This presentation represents an important milestone for Primark that is changing the way we use digital to connect with our stores. We know that consumers today inform a huge part about buying their clothes by searching the internet. We see a significant opportunity to increase the number of users and increase sales in our stores by improving our game in digital form and ensuring that what we offer is more visible online. The new website gives us the opportunity to reach new customers who may not be stepping into our stores right now and test them with the great products and values ​​we offer. ”

Andrew Brothers, CIO, Primark, said: “We know our new website is something our clients have wanted to see from us for some time and we recognize that we moved later than most in this area. However, this brings with it an opportunity because we have been able to spend time understanding the role that digital technology can play in improving our business. The new site is supported by a modern and flexible technology architecture to provide our customers with the best user experience.

“Behind this launch is a fantastic team, which we have strengthened in the last six to 12 months by attracting some incredible talent to our new Digital and Digitech features – which continue to grow. This gives us the basis to enable our clients to continuously improve the digital experience in the months and years to come. ”

In addition to the internal Primark team, EPAM Systems was the primary design and technology partner for the development of the new website. The new website was created using state-of-the-art retail-focused technology components from a number of digital solution vendors, including Bloomreach, Amplience, commercetools, Microsoft and Salesforce. This modular approach enabled the rapid development of the new site and provided a platform that will enable Primarka to expand its digital capabilities in the future. Publicis Groupe operates as a leading digital marketing agency.

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