Ripple Creator Fund: NFTs artists receive $ 250 million in support

Ripple Creator Fund: NFTs artists receive $ 250 million in support

Renowned cryptocurrency firm, Ripple announced a list of creators who will benefit from the Ripple Creator Fund. According to a post on the company’s website, Ripple has identified these creators as beneficiaries of the initiative in its inaugural group. It was further pointed out that the second series is expected to start soon. Ripple further encourages artists and content creators to take the opportunity to advance their research into the field of NFT.

Accordingly, artists are required to enjoy unlimited access to the XRP Ledger to help their NFTs projects. The initiative is also offering up to $ 250 million to support artists in their projects at XRP Ledger. The users of the first series are Justin Bua, xPunks and Steven Sebring. These artists will enjoy the financial and technical support of XRP.

Also, the announcement revealed that Ripple will partner with Momento NFT and WENEW Labs to improve the existing market. This will further strengthen existing collaboration with Mintable, mintNFT, onXRP, NFT PRO and Ethernal Labs. Above all, all existing collaborations will help incorporate XRPL to provide users with an outstanding NFT experience.

However, Ripple strongly believes in capacity NFTs develop the economy of artists and creators. The company acknowledges that the industry will influence the emergence of new business ideologies and provide an opportunity for greater investment.

Every day, the company continues to strive to offer a fast, sustainable adventure for artists and their projects. It previously gave birth to xls-20, a rippled v1.9.0 component. So far, artists can enjoy built-in fees that help shift the value scale in the absence of Layer-2 protocols or smart contracts.

Opinions on the Ripple Creator Fund

In terms of development, a number of artists who use XRPL to build their projects have praised the initiative. Rare Air Media, Zion Clark, Jessica Ragzy, Cecy Meade and LEGO MASTER all welcomed the Ripple Creator Fund initiative.

Mark Vancil, CEO of Rare Air Media, describes the XRPL as a system that helps artists get creative and get the most out of themselves. Also, Zion Clark expresses great hope for the project, while registering expectations about building a special collection via NFT on XRPL. Finally, chef Cecey Meade added that XRPL gives the privilege of delivering a wonderful adventure while building artists to become better.

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