Rolling Stone is launching its second NFT partnership with Yuga Labs BAYC

Rolling Stone is launching its second NFT partnership with Yuga Labs BAYC

Last week, Rolling Stone Magazine and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) launched their latest NFT collaboration. All in all, the latest team-up had the sale of physical prints of two Rolling Stone x BAYC title works. Moreover, there were auctions for two 1-of-1 NFTs with animated versions of the same work of art.

Rolling Stone and BAYC have teamed up again for physical prints and two 1/1 NFTs. Credits: Rolling Stone

All about the latest Rolling Stone x BAYC NFTs

Sales of Rolling Stone x BAYC prints and NFT began on June 22nd. At that time, two physical fingerprints appeared BAYC store. Meanwhile, the auction for two 1/1 NFTs went live on OpenSea. Significantly, both prints and NFT auctions were valued at APEcoin.

The two artworks focus on BAYC’s unofficial monkey mascot, Curtis. The first print shows Curtis lying in a hammock on the Bored Ape Clubhouse dock. Another shows Curtis a mutant monkey flying from a volcano covered in slime on a motorcycle.

The sale of graphics lasted four hours, while the auction was open for three days. Needless to say, the auction was a huge success. By way of illustration, the MAYC Curtis NFT sold for APE 22,696,969 ($ 103,460.97 at the time of purchase), while the BAYC Curtis NFT sold for APE 42,106.05 ($ 191,934.56 at the time of purchase).

This is now the second time that Rolling Stone has teamed up with web3 juggernaut which is BAYC. And given how well both collaborations went, it probably won’t be the last.

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