Scroll over Messi: This NFT platform helps disadvantaged young athletes become stars

Scroll over Messi: This NFT platform helps disadvantaged young athletes become stars

The sports world is full of platforms for those names that dominate their field (playing). But what about giving young athletes from vulnerable and marginalized communities the same opportunity to shine as Ronaldos, Williams and Alonsos in this world. With the new NFT-based platform, one blockchain startup is doing just that.

JUMP is a sports discovery and support platform that uses blockchain and Web3 to launch its mobile application that helps connect the talents of young people with talent seekers and fans. LEAP’s decentralized digital arena democratizes sport and gives all talents equal growth opportunities, motivating young athletes to develop their game and compete online in the “Meta-Legend Tournament”, bringing their real-life skills to the digital playground.

That is a noble goal. Around the world, children growing up in poor communities dream of turning their passion for sports into an enriching professional career. In the U.S., home to many of the world’s most prominent sports associations and a high-quality college and youth sports infrastructure, only one in 16,000 high school athletes become professionals.

In regions like Latin America and Africa, where sports are equally popular but resources are more limited, the chances are high even lower. However, many athletes strive for a secondary path to fame. LEAP uses decentralized economic models to enable everyone who engages in real-life sports activities to play, grow and earn.

With LEAP, young athletes demonstrate their skills in short videos posted on the platform. Specifically working with young athletes from impoverished and isolated communities, LEAP brings together a digital community of sports talent, talent scouts and fans to help athletes gain recognition and reward based on their skill levels. The app features a custom video editor – LEAP Studio – with filters, stickers and accessories to help talents better highlight their skills.

Using the earnings gaming model, LEAP encourages athletes to improve their skills through competitions between their users. These one-on-one battles, known as DAREs, showcase individual talents through the performance of short videos that highlight specific skills. Imagine Tik Tok for talent, with payouts for those who can surpass their rival. The LEAP Seekers community – made up of fans, agents, Hall of Fame athletes, clubs and academies, brands and journalists – vote for whoever they think has performed best.

As budding stars compete in DAREs, their ratings will be higher, resulting in the forging of unique NFT cards for players whose value, value and outcome will determine rarity. These NFTs can be bought and sold, enabling these young athletes to earn from their hard work, and at the same time serve as a potential investment if they develop into stars.

The platform rewards its users based on their achievements with LEAP in-game tokens. Users receive in-game token permissions that support real crypto-assets and use them on the LEAP Meta-Market to purchase real-world products and services, further enhancing their sports development.

“We are building an important platform that will enable young athletes to gain the visibility and rewards they deserve based on their level of talent,” said Omri Lachman, CEO and co-founder of LEAP. “For too long, athletes from certain backgrounds or geographical regions have seen the‘ professional approach ’as the only solution to improve their lives, and we are here to show them that going professional is not the only victory. We are bridging the traditional sports industry with new talent and fans to unlock a whole new universe where everyone has an equal chance at the title by bringing their physical skills into the digital space. ”

It’s an intriguing idea and one that uses Web3 and NFT technologies to help these athletes – who would normally be neglected – grow into the next generation of superstars, get the support they deserve, earn while playing and be noticed by those who can run their sports careers up to a month.

Stewart Rogers is a senior editor at Grit Daily and has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, management and mentoring in technology. He is a journalist, author and speaker on AI, AR / VR, blockchain and other emerging technology industries. A former chief analyst at VentureBeat, Rogers talks about mental health in the technology industry around the world. Prior to VentureBeat, Rogers ran a number of successful software companies and had global sales and marketing roles for companies in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. A digital nomad without a permanent residence, Rogers leads major technological events online and around the world. globe and co-founder of Badass Empire, a startup that helps digital professionals take advantage of their inner backwardness, in addition to being editor-in-chief at Dataconomy, a publication and community focused on data science, AI, machine learning and other related topics.

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