Sortium Blockchain Studio launches first 3D Living NFT “Kymera”

Sortium Blockchain Studio launches first 3D Living NFT “Kymera”

Web3 technology provider Sortium Blockchain Studio has launched the first 3D live NFT called “Kymera” based on the DNA chain.

The 3D bio-emergency algorithm enabled this time was designed using the genetic CRISPR DNA that exists in living things. The core of Kymer is NFT coding with a genetic algorithm on the chain and the evolution of DNA.

Users can use Kymera NFT for peer-to-peer social interaction in the augmented reality space of 3D games.

Each Kymera NFT has two chains that capture specialized data, a Mind & Body block chain called a “double helix” that captures digital traces of a user’s life.

Kymer collectors can communicate, care, grow, connect, get a blockchain or NFT experience unique to every application that exists today,

Sortium is a pioneer of a new standard in Web3 entertainment technology bridging the gap between digital life and reality. They develop interactive environments and interesting user experiences by combining artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain.

Lottery Executive Director Marc Seal said:

“We know we are at the beginning of what will be a colossal wave of mainstream interest in NFT gaming. Living Sortium NFTs will take the industry to the next evolutionary step by bringing real-world AI and real-world genetic algorithms to market for a new class of collectors.” “

Sortium Blockchain Studio is a pioneer in the Play 2 Earn ecosystem with futuristic concepts, a progressive core, new games and technological advances.

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