Student Beans launches technology to connect brands with 5 million potential customers

Student Beans launches technology to connect brands with 5 million potential customers

Student Loyalty Network Student Beans has introduced a new brand in its audience verification technology – Beans iD.

The newly launched technology will enable brands to provide securely limited discounts and incentives to verified members of six key consumer groups:

• Students (through Student Beans)
• Graduates (through Grad Beans)
• Health workers
• Armies and Armed Forces
• First Responder
• Teachers

There are over five million potential consumers in the UK across six segments and they represent some of the most lucrative customer bases. Brands will be able to leverage these groups seamlessly and flexibly by integrating Beans iD’s secure verification into their websites.

The news will be welcomed by shoppers as the cost of living crisis continues to strain ties across the country.

For e-commerce brands, the launch will drive brand loyalty among high priority groups, increase conversion rates and attract new customers. For current Student Beans users, nine out of ten believe that brands that promote discounts exclusively for them need to care about their customers.

Beans iD is launching for the first time with Grad Beans – a sibling of Student Beans that will provide graduating students with exclusive offers for five years after graduation.
More than half of current students have already admitted they will rely on discounts more than ever once they leave education, Student Beans has found, proving the importance and value of graduate consumers.

Will Harris, Chief Strategy Officer at Student Beans, said: “The launch of Beans iD marks an exciting chapter for Student Beans as we help build bridges between brands and some of the most sought-after consumer groups.

“Graduate students, healthcare professionals, military, first responders and teachers represent an exciting mix of consumer groups. We know that this audience is one of the most valued in the UK, has been a driving force during the pandemic and represents the next generation of consumers. Now brands will be able to identify, verify and reward these valuable groups.

“Over the past twenty years, we’ve seen the role of closed discounts grow as an important part of how brands improve conversion, build trust and maintain loyalty. With the launch of Beans iD, businesses will have even more opportunities to improve their bottom line by building strong, long-term customer relationships.”

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