Taiwan is most interested in NFT, says NFT Club Research

Taiwan is most interested in NFT, says NFT Club Research

Taiwan is the place where people are most interested in irreplaceable tokens (NFT), according to research conducted by the NFT Club.

The research was conducted using Google search data, through which the NFT Club was able to identify the countries with the most NFT-related searches.

In total, Taiwan had 9,629 NFT searches per 1,000,000 people, Australia was second with 8,198 per 1,000,000 people, and Canada was third with 8,127 searches per 1,000,000.

However, the reason for the popularity of NFT in these countries and regions has not been revealed.

NFTs are gaining in popularity, and markets such as OpenSea already have a record number of NFT lists and sales.

While the United States is at the top of the list of countries with the largest number of NFT headquarters, the survey said.

The United States has a total of 91 NFT companies, Singapore is second with 24, and India is third with 11. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is eighth with 6 NFT companies.

A survey by the NFT Club also found that NFT is the most funded company in the United States.

Forte Labs, which specializes in integrating blocking technology into games to enable a range of features that enable token activation and NFT trading, has raised $ 910 million.

French company Sorare, which is working on a new way of playing fantastic football using blockchain technology, was second with $ 747 million in funds raised. The third was the Canadian company Dapper Labs – a company that develops NFT games and collections including NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties – with funds raised of 627 million dollars.

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