Teads is launching the Attention Program to improve omnichannel attention measurement

Teads is launching the Attention Program to improve omnichannel attention measurement

The global media platform Teads has launched the Teads Attention Program to strengthen its position in the attention measurement sector.

The program will arm brands with optimal multi-screen attention metrics reporting within Teads Ad Manager. Through the Teads global scale within quality publishers and affiliated TV providers, and integration with leading attention measurement partners, this pioneering program will accelerate the understanding of attention for media buyers and media owners, enabling them to plan, purchase, optimize, and report attention. to ultimately lead to a better return on media investment for brands.

Attention has been shown to be three times more effective in predicting outcomes than visibility with key drivers identified as creativity, media quality, relevance, and ad experience. As digital investments are fluidly distributed across channels, brands are looking for better ways to measure this new metric on each screen.

Caroline Hugonenc, SVP research and insight into Teads, said: “We are proud to manage the evolution of attention measurement by launching our attention program because we know that attention has a different impact on campaign results and, in turn, on brand business.

“This is a huge step forward for the industry and we will continue to work with all of our partner publishers, agencies and advertisers to guide them on how to work with this new indicator and align it with their business goals.”

Now omnichannel attention measurement will be enabled with Teads in collaboration with Adelaide and Realeyes. With more than 2,000 measured creatives, Teads ’long-standing measurement of facial coding with Realeyes means the platform can combine creative and media quality metrics from Adelaide to provide sophisticated brand solutions. This partnership will allow brands to pre-test creatives by screen type to attract attention levels before launching a campaign. Advertisers can take advantage of these unified attention insights to optimize live campaigns, linking the right ad to the right screen resulting in greater impact, higher results, and greater efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with Teads to implement attention metrics globally for better planning, optimization and, most importantly, advertiser results,” said Marc Guldimann, co-founder and CEO of Adelaide. “Ted’s rigorous approach to attention metrics illustrates their work in understanding the nuances of how media and creativity affect attention.”

In addition, Teads is opening a new foundation in partnership with Lumen by now offering original reporting on attention metrics within Teads Ad Manager, along with tools to test creative content in context, allowing advertisers to optimize their asset. This is the first time that a third-party company integrates with the technology platform, allowing brands to report more accurately and robustly on the level of attention their ads have received for the campaign. By linking Lumen Attention Data with Brand Pulse, Teads ’internal brand-building solution, Teads will also be able to advise brands on the level of attention they need for a particular campaign.

Mike Follett, MD, Lumen Research, said: “We are really excited to expand our relationship with the Teads team. Teads and Lumen have been debating the economy of attention, so it’s great to see how initial research projects have now turned into business tools. ”

By integrating with leading attention measurement vendors, Lumen and Adelaide, and a leader in Realeyes ad testing, Teads builds a robust set of tools that enable brands to deliver greater media efficiency and business results. As the program evolves, Teads will integrate additional partners and capabilities.

Mihkel Jäätma, co-founder and CEO, Realeyes, said: “We are excited to expand our long-standing partnership with Teads and other best-in-class partners to advance the adoption of attention metrics in the advertising industry.

“The advertising industry is moving from tonnage to quality, combining creative and media attention metrics to make smarter decisions, increase ROI and create a better user experience.”

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