The adult content platform Onlyfans runs the NFT profile picture feature

The adult content platform Onlyfans runs the NFT profile picture feature

Online adult content the OnlyFans subscription platform has launched a function for users to display verified NFTs as profile images, Reuters reported on Thursday.

OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan told Reuters in an interview that:

“Our mission is to empower creators to possess their full potential. This feature is the first step in exploring the role that NFTs can play on our platform.”

Currently, the OnlyFans platform only accepts NFT minted on Ethereum blockchain. NFT is a special type of cryptographic token that is a unique digital tool that is not interchangeable.

London-based social media company encourages creators to communicate with their subscribers, build relationships and monetize paid content, following social media giants Twitter and Reddit research NFT.

As logged in by blockchain.News On January 21, social media platform Twitter announced it was introducing an official verification mechanism for NFT avatars, allowing some users to set up NFTs they own as their profile picture.

On Twitter, Reddit is eyeing to allow users to have NFT-based profile images through a feature tested on January 27th.

They are not left out of NFT because NFTs are currently among the most modern digital assets.

Another adult entertainment website Pornhub he added cryptocurrencies with others, namely Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB), USD Coin (USDC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) last January for users to pay for its premium content.

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