The Aku Dreams NFT project is losing $ 34 million due to a faulty code

The Aku Dreams NFT project is losing $ 34 million due to a faulty code

The Aku Dreams NFT project may have lost Ethereum (ETH) is worth almost 34 million dollars, after it was permanently locked after the recent attack.

Faulty code interferes with the recent launch of Aku Dreams NFT

Recently, Aku Dreams presented the forging of its latest collection – Akutars. However, users soon noticed some problems with the launch even before the lost $ 34 million became known to the public. But the developers have also acknowledged the problem and vowed to return the money to affected users, although this may not happen again.

Initially, the exploiter (s) attacked the Aku Dreams project in hopes of discovering vulnerabilities within the project. The exploiter decided to block the refund to users who bid for certain NFTs in the project. But despite the fact that it was quickly annulled, the attack has already left harmful effects, ensuring that about 34 million dollars worth of ETH will remain locked in the contract forever. That is, the funds will be completely inaccessible to anyone, including the developers of Aku Dreams.

What exactly happened

Meanwhile, blockchain security firm BlockSec came up with what he thought were two key weaknesses in his contract with Aku Dreams. In its analysis, BlockSec says that the first problem stems from the wrong code in the processing of refunds. However, the analytical house confirms that it has not been used so far.

Second, BlockSec also mentions a software bug, which should of course allow the project owner to seek funds that are ultimately locked into a contract.

Now, according to the analytical firm, the contract should be able to process all refund requests. And after that, allow the developer to withdraw funds. However, as a result of this incorrect code, the contract now believes that the total refund offers are higher than the fund locked in the contract. Therefore, the contract suspended the withdrawals indefinitely.

Meanwhile, social media users have expressed their dissatisfaction, criticizing how a project like Aku Dreams can have the wrong contracts. This week and BinBits logged in a similar phenomenon with the recent NFT NBA Association mint.

So far, several developers have provided a helping hand to recoup lost funds. However, it remains to be seen how this will be possible, if possible. What is certain, however, is that a smart contract that covers funds is one that cannot be updated. Therefore, the funds will remain locked, at least in the foreseeable future.

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