The crypto derivative platform BitCoke raised $ 20 million led by Huobi »CryptoNinjas

The crypto derivative platform BitCoke raised $ 20 million led by Huobi »CryptoNinjas

On May 12, BitCoke, a crypto spot and derivatives exchange, confirmed that it had successfully raised $ 20 million in a strategic private round in early 2022.

The funds will be primarily used by the centralized stock exchange to design and develop key features that connect CEX with the decentralized stock exchange (DEX) characteristics.

According to the official BitCoke blog, a financing agreement was reached with a group of investors led by the Huobi Exchange, and included others such as RedLine DAO, Krypital, LD Capital, AKG, VRM, Mint, WeBlock, 7 Clock, HTR, NFTGO , LTP, Scorpio, Eureka, Hotbit, JL Capital, Pento.

“As BitCoke continues to adapt to the crypto trading paradigm shift, this institutional investment will accelerate stock market development and the promotion of the BitCoke source token, as well as help us explore the merger between the CEX and DEX exchanges.”
– Pietro Riccio, CEO of BitCoke Exchange

Charles, Huobi’s head of investment, said: “BitCoke is a dedicated stock market focused on the derivatives market, known for its professional products and friendly user experience. Huobi believes BitCoke is a trusted partner for trust. ”

BitCoke is considered to be the world’s first Quanto swap crypto exchange, with features aimed at merchants, ie. fair pairing, fast execution and low fees.

Its original products, such as Quanto swap, equity chart and fund management system, make the stock market popular with traders, funds and asset management companies. BitCoke has long been ranked in the top 10 in terms of volume in the CoinMarketCap derivatives market.

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