The difference and why you might want both

The difference and why you might want both

When it comes to digital marketing, there is absolutely no shortage of options. But more importantly, you probably have a pretty good idea of ​​what you want: marketing backed by a great creative team that excels at marketing and innovation.

That being said, you have a tough choice: do you use a digital marketing agency or try to keep your marketing in-house? Each of these ideas has undoubted positives and negatives.

In-house marketing team

Managing your marketing in-house has many benefits that can make in-house marketing look very appealing.

  • An in-house marketing person will know your company inside and out. As long as you train them properly, there will be no questions about who you are and what you do as a company.
  • By signing their paycheck, they will be loyal to your company and invested in its long-term success. After all, you will share a common personal and economic interest in wanting the company to succeed.
  • Your work will be the team’s only priority. They will not be distracted by any other project.

All that being said, there’s no doubt that there are real challenges in relying solely on an in-house creative team to manage all of your marketing and innovation efforts.

Chief among them is that it is rare to find a marketer who is well-versed in all types of marketing and works exclusively for your company, especially in this time of labor shortages.

Think about it: you’ll need someone capable of understanding all the different digital marketing techniques currently available, keeping up with the latest trends and understanding your content, and who can handle copywriting and graphic design.

Finding this person can be a big challenge. In most cases, the person in question already works for a digital marketing agency.

It’s also worth noting that you may lack the flexibility to manage your expenses. Hiring someone full-time means paying that person full-time, regardless of whether or not you’re actively working on a marketing campaign at the time.

You will need to come up with a job that they will do all the time. Don’t have a project right now? Well, you’ll still have to pay that person!

Digital agency

Unlike hiring someone in-house, using a digital marketing agency to manage your creative marketing and innovation efforts comes with greater flexibility and expertise. Consider the following:

First, a digital marketing agency knows what works and what doesn’t with other brands like yours. You won’t be anyone’s guinea pig or the victim of any new, experimental marketing technique. Digital marketing agencies bring years of knowledge with them.

Some of your tactics may be outdated if you are an older company. A professional agency knows this and can help with marketing and innovation by bringing in a new creative team.

Outsourcing your marketing team can increase your ROI in a number of ways. Chief among them: You’ll reduce your overall spending. A digital marketing team almost always makes you more focused, flexible, creative and innovative by reducing spend and overhead.

You won’t have to hire, train, supervise or offer benefits and 401Ks to new staff. Instead, you can hire a digital marketing agency on a flexible per-project basis or hire them for longer contract periods to suit your needs. In this way, you reduce costs and at the same time increase the overall ROI.

The above is related to another important point: if you have an in-house creative team, you may be concerned that you are not giving them enough work and start generating projects to keep them busy. That means you’re wasting time, talent, and money. This will never be a concern of the digital marketing team.

Are creativity and innovation important to you? It should be. Digital marketing agencies specialize in being on the cutting edge of technology.

Usually these departments have multiple individuals whose sole job is to keep track of everything that’s happening in the world of digital marketing. As such, they are adept at keeping up with tools and technology, ensuring they keep up with new digital marketing techniques.

Finally, remember that a digital marketing agency will have a creative team that explicitly understands your business niche. They will have experience with the right keywords, graphics and techniques that work for your specific business. You can get talent tailored to your area and industry.

Which choice is right?

So what’s the bottom line? Is one better than the other? That’s hard to say. As you can see, working with a digital marketing agency or hiring your creative team and have real positives and negatives, each offering significant advantages over the other.

Plus, there’s more flexibility, professional development opportunities, and options if you use a digital marketing agency than if you hire in-house talent.

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They offer a variety of expertise and techniques that can make the difference between a successful product and a failed one. Want to learn more about the difference between keeping your marketing team in-house or hiring an agency? Contact them today.

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