The forging of Zetrix-based NFT on NFT Pangolin is started

The forging of Zetrix-based NFT on NFT Pangolin is started

Forging NFT based on Zetrix goes to the store in the global NFT Pangolin market.

NFT Pangolin is a global market for regional creators mainly in Asia to issue and sell its unique crypto-insured assets to collectors.

Meanwhile, Zetrix, a Layer 1 blockchain, provides connectivity to China and its core infrastructure, which recently launched its core network on April 15, seamlessly integrating with Xinghuo Blockchain International Supernode, China’s largest national blockchain network run by the Chinese Academy. information and communication technologies.

Thanks to the proof-of-stake (POS) PBFT + DPOS blockchain consensus mechanism, carbon energy consumption is consumed less using the Zetrix blockchain to produce NFTs, in stark contrast to Ethereum’s energy-consuming NFTs.

It is estimated that forging on the Zetrix blockchain consumes 100,000 times less energy than on Ethereum for the same NFT.

In addition, gas charges are relatively low when Zetrix produces NFTs, and participants will also enjoy the benefits of compatibility with Spark BIFs.

China has recently become an active participant in the research of the metaverse and the irreplaceable token industry (NFT).

Electric car maker Xpeng has launched NFTs on car models in Jingtan – the NFT market launched by e-commerce company Alibaba.

Tsinghua University has launched China’s first metaverse laboratory, dedicated to studying the growth and expansion of the country’s new digital industry, according to report from April 19th.

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