The rise of Lo-Fi social media for startups

The rise of Lo-Fi social media for startups

When setting up marketing campaigns for your startup, there is one common tip: be authentic. So what’s more, authentic than lo-fi content recorded on your phone and posted directly to Instagram without fancy equipment or a high budget? For most consumers, nothing.

Lo-fi content, otherwise known as low-fidelity, means it requires little production, can be recorded over the phone, is behind the scenes, or is recorded on the go, meaning the quality is not as high as usual. Do it more yourself and it’s easier to publish more often than, say, a big campaign that takes months to fix and costs more.

Consumers have been wanting lately content of their favorite startups more often. The production of hi-fi content, as mentioned, takes a long time, while lo-fi content can be set up as soon as it is finished – to keep your most loyal customers happy.

More than that, lo-fi content increases the authenticity of your startup, reduces costs for you and deepens customer relationships. Seeing that you reject the usual high budget, big impact, we are too good for your type of marketing that has been a top dog for so long, potential consumers may see themselves using your product or service and will be more inclined to learn more.

So how can you achieve that?

Let your phone be your cameraman

It’s amazing what a smartphone can do these days. Your pictures and videos will no longer look like they were taken on potatoes, although they may still not be as good as someone with a professional camera … These are their limitations that consumers now want to see. They want to know how to buy and support a real person who is not painted and messed up from time to time, and the best way to see that is to use your phone as a cameraman.

Be a Star

As much as we’re all glad to see who the celebrity is in the latest brand campaign, it’s true that consumers would rather see someone like them. It builds trust between your startup and your target audience, humanizes your company and is as authentic as you can. It’s a daunting thought to be the star of your own campaigns, but it will have a bigger impact on your target consumer base.

Keeping It Simple

The very thought of trying to record something high-budget with a full cast and crew on an iPhone is enough to make you dizzy, so it’s easy to keep the content you’re creating the way forward. These can be things like a day in the life, tutorials, questions and answers, and even re-sharing content created by your customers.

Take advantage of that audience

Most likely, there is a lot of content waiting to be used by your consumers. With the popularity of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, it is easier than ever for anyone to make a short video from their phones showing your startup. Also, consumers trust other consumers more than anyone else, so go into your tagged posts and see what you can find.

Do not be afraid of imperfections

The public is tired of perfection. They want to see what your startup’s product or service looks like in everyday situations so they know if it’s right for them. They want to see it in low light, what it looks like through the phone lens and how it is used by someone like them. If the video you are shooting yourself is a bit tilted, the sound is a bit dull or the lighting is not studio quality, that doesn’t mean it goes straight to the floor in resonance. In fact, videos taken with phones have an efficiency rate of 164.5%.

So, if you are a startup with a limited budget or if you want to do something new with your campaigns and content, a lo-fi route might be your answer. Contact us at blazon and our team of creatives can help you make your lo-fi dreams come true.

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