The usefulness of NFT in games from CoinQuore

The usefulness of NFT in games from CoinQuore

The usefulness of NFT in games

NFTs are the hottest new concept in games. It has exploded in popularity over the past year and will surely remain a major component of the gaming world for years to come. But what purpose do NFTs serve in games? What can you do with NFT? In this article, we go through some of the most innovative upcoming games in the blockchain space and analyze how they innovate in terms of the usefulness of NFT in games.

One advantage shared by almost all blockchain games when it comes to NFT is the concept of digital asset ownership. In traditional games, objects, skins, characters, and any kind of digital medium exist only in the game and have no value outside of it. Depending on the conditions of use of the game, the player may not even own what he has created in the game.

In addition to NFT, players have a certificate of ownership of online assets, which allows them to be traded, invested or sold to other players. This is also the first building block in creating an NFT metaverse, which will allow users to transfer and even use their digital assets on different platforms. Imagine taking an item from one game and using it in another. All these characteristics are made possible through the basic philosophy of gaming for profit, and that is to leave the ownership of digital assets to those who deserve it, the players.

Some of the upcoming games in the world of blockchain games have had different approaches to ensure NFT utility. Here are some games whose team clearly thought about the usefulness of NFT.

Project Hive

The experienced team behind Project Hive understands the basic but often overlooked rule of valuing digital assets. To make it desirable, you need to make it look good. And that’s exactly what they did with the Project Hive design concept. With artistic direction, Marcin Rubinkowski, an experienced artist behind the design concept of games such as Destiny2 and Ghostrunner, as well as Netflix (NASDAQ 🙂 series Love Death + Robots, has brought the high-tech aesthetics of cyberpunk into low life. Play-to-Earn game space, creating a highly desirable NFTS. The developers have also created a feature that allows players to create textures and model skins for 3D objects in the game and make money from their artwork.

In Project Hive, most of the items that can be played in the game are NFT. Players remain in complete control of their in-game ownership, allowing players to create, upgrade and trade NFTs to earn extra revenue and participate in the actual development of the game. There are endless combinations of NFT items with unlimited variety, and players can use five different game mechanics to interact and make money on NFTs. This project is absolutely fantastic and we are all here for that. Moreover, Project Hive will allow artists to offer their textures and model skin designs for regular community voting events, with the skins that receive the most votes being presented within the game and traded on the open market. A leather designer will be paid for their designs through a pre-determined fee.

NFT and Project Hive utilities are among the most innovative in blockchain games. If you want to join Project Hive as much as we do, don’t miss their NFT mint on March 28. You can access the sale here.


Another way to use the in-game utility is to allow players to create new NFTs. Apeiron, an upcoming god simulation game, offers NFTs in the form of planets, stars and relics, which will be sold in public markets. The main loop of gaming takes place on the Planet NFTs themselves. The stars are like “earth” in other NFT games and will offer powerful passive bonuses for the planets orbiting them, and Relics are the objects of the game – such as Avatars, planetary wonders or special items. NFT technology provides a great feature called celestial conjunction, in which players can merge the essence of two planets to create a new one with the properties of both.

Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo, like all other ambitious NFT games, is being built towards a future metaverse where their characters can roam. In this game, players will have the opportunity to own their 3D characters in the game as NFT and compete in current play and earn tournaments. It will also include NFT’s Battle Stone made in the game Biome (Land). But the big goal is to enable players to take their custom teams into a package of interconnected games and experiences located within Planet Mojoverse.


The upcoming Cradles game is really moving the boundaries by developing the first entropy-based metaverse. Blockchain technology allows developers to introduce the concept of worlds that increase entropy in games. Cradles is also innovating on the technology front by developing a completely new NFT protocol, EIP3664, which helps limit some of the shortcomings of the dominant ERC1155 protocol. The ERC1155 was not enough to insert feature-rich features and functions into a smart contract. The EIP3664 protocol is fully compatible with ERC1155 to help game developers expand their operations with gaming NFTs.

Penguin Karts

As one of the most fun games on the list, Penguin Carts will offer 2D and 3D NFT, forged on the blockchain. Collectors can buy or sell on the secondary market, or invest these NFTs in a contract on Ethereum, and then join the game and pick up prizes as in-game booty boxes that can be downloaded from the Phantom chain. This process allows the game to reach a wide audience of Ethereum, but avoids too high gas charges.

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