The vast majority of consumers rely on video when shopping online

The vast majority of consumers rely on video when shopping online

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85% of consumers worldwide rely heavily on video when purchasing goods and services online, according to a Brightcove study.

As part of a global investigation conducted by the online video platform provider, customers around the world shared their perspectives on how important video is as part of the purchase journey.

Some of the key findings of the study include:

· Almost half of consumers worldwide (48%) say video increases their confidence to shop online

· 71% say that video with interactive features – such as shopping links – is essential for online shopping

· 64% of consumers worldwide say they will not wait more than five seconds for a video to load on a retailer’s website

· More than half of livestream event attendees say they made a purchase as a result of a live virtual shopping experience

· 36% say video is most helpful in discovering new products online

Jillian Ryan, senior director of content strategy at Brightcove, said: “Millennials strongly feel the impact that video has in the post-purchase stages of the B2B buying journey. Almost all (97%) professionals in this age group agree that video content and communication is useful in the post-purchase stages of their buying journey.”

A significant portion of this group prefers video over written formats for post-purchase situations. For example, 80% of millennials prefer video to learn how to use a product or service, and 81% prefer video over written formats to solve problems.

Ryan added, “How do millennials find video most useful? More than half (53%) say video is most useful in sharing information with peers/colleagues who may also benefit from their recent purchase.

“So how can B2B businesses reach today’s increasingly millennial workforce? Make video content available for prospects and customers to explore and engage with throughout the buying journey. This means not only hosting video content on your company website, but introducing your customers to video at all touchpoints throughout their journey with your brand.”

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