Top NFT consulting companies for 2021

Top NFT consulting companies for 2021

Tom Brady, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban have all talked to or started NFT businesses in the last few months. The trend of digital art is here to stay, which means more and more people will start a business around a niche. These guys need experts to educate them on industry best practices and give them insight into the best strategies for growing their brand. This means that there are a number of NFT consulting firms that can help. Some are focused on marketing, while others are focused on advising on the creation of NFT.

Here are the best NFT consulting houses, in no particular order:


Coin is a premier crypto and NFT focused consulting firm. The company specializes in marketing, growth and sales, but also provides insight into marketing strategy, branding and many other important business decisions. The company has consulted with major crypto companies such as MetaMask, CryptoDaily, CoinStats, OKEx, Nexo, Cosmos Network and more. If you need a consultation on anything marketing or growth, a related Coinbound is a great option for that. At the top of the impressive client list, Coinbound also brought great results to its clients, including doubling the price of one token and driving so many registrations into the app that the company had to close registrations. has changed the narrative of crypto and NFTs PR & marketing organizations globally. You can count on this powerful agency to grow your crypto, fintech, or NFT project and offer it the hype it deserves. It is the ideal blockchain PR venture to help create history! will put your project on the map and give your brand the attention it deserves through unmatched publications, interviews, and press releases.


X10 is another crypto and NFT marketing agency. They recently created an NFT subsidiary of their business and were originally a crypto marketing agency. In addition to NFT, they also focus on DeFi, STO, IEO / ICO and other niches within cryptography. They are headquartered in Russia and have a strong presence in the EMEA with smaller brands in the region. This is another agency that has existed in space for some time and specializes in crypto. Earlier clients include Timecoin, FinWhale and more.


FireCask is a creative agency that offers consulting services to both NFT and non-NFT clients. The agency focuses on marketing consulting because they are a full service agency that offers services like SEO, PR and social media marketing. In addition to marketing, they can also help manage your community of followers, which is an added bonus. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have too many NFT clients or statements at the moment, but that will most likely change in the future.


The first NFT the agency specializes in advising on the creation of NFTs. They are headquartered in Ukraine and the company was founded in 2020. Similar to RAC, this company is more on forging and creating than on marketing. It is an agency for athletes and artists who create their own NFTs without having to bother learning everything. In addition, they have been published in major publications such as The Verge and SharpShark. All in all, this is an agency worth learning about if you are in Eastern Europe or you are an artist who needs help creating your own NFT.

Conclusion: The best NFT consulting firms

As you can see, there are plenty of solid opportunities for NFT consulting. Some focus more on creating NFT, while others are more on strategy, operations, and marketing. All in all, it really depends on what your business needs. As NFTs increase, so will NFT consulting. You can be sure that the list will be updated to reflect these changes.

Although there are several agencies on the list, some are definitely smaller than others. Agency like Coin has consulted with some of the largest crypto companies in the universe and has many years of experience working with all types of crypto projects, including NFTs.

Are you looking for NFT consulting services? Come to Coin, a leading cryptocurrency marketing agency. Coinbound has consulted on projects and campaigns with leading crypto brands such as Cosmos, eToro, ShapeShift, OKEx, CoinStats and more through influencers, community management, publishers, PPC and SEO.

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