Top NFT Influencers on Twitter -10 NFT Twitter Profiles 2022

Top NFT Influencers on Twitter -10 NFT Twitter Profiles 2022

Looking for an updated list of the best NFT influencers on Twitter? Twitter-based NFT influencer marketing has paved the way for it to be considered one of the best ways to drive traffic, build networking, establish brands and engage communities globally. The reason is the active presence of celebrities who folded their NFTs as profile pictures, which eventually resulted in a lot of hype and curiosity among their followers around the world.

As soon as celebrities, politicians, and investors started jumping into NFTs in early 2021, user engagement grew exponentially, and Twitter soon became the center of NFT marketing. In the past year, Twitter alone increased its revenue by 32%, or 5.2 billion dollars.

Keep reading to learn what Twitter-based NFT marketing is, our list of the top 10 NFT profiles to follow on Twitter in 2022, and how NFT influencers get paid.

Best NFT Influencers on Twitter to Follow – Overview.

In the NFT market, some people are at the top of their game in predicting projects with good ROI and future market sentiments. Their predictions are backed by logic, in-depth market knowledge, data and experience.

Beginner with no previous experience knowledge of the NFT market must follow our list of the best NFT influencers on Twitter in 2022.

TOP 10 NFT Twitter Profiles to Follow in 2022

1) Gary Vaynerchuck – 3.1 million followers – the profile of the most active influencer on Twitter for NFT news.

Gary Vee is a successful serial entrepreneur and one of the early observers of NFT; with a following of 3.1 million people on Twitter, he is currently the most followed NFT Influencer. In 2017, he came across the Cryptopunks NFT collection and insisted on some celebrities such as Mr. Beast, Logan Paul, etc., to collect Cryptopunks. This act caught the eye of people all over the world, and the NFT era began. By the end of 2021, the value of some cryptopunks has increased to 10 million dollars. Volume and sales increased significantly; the rest is history.

2) Pranky – Active NFT collector and OG enthusiast.

Top NFT Influencers on Twitter -10 NFT Twitter Profiles 2022

Pranksy’s reputation as one of the best NFT influencers on Twitter in 2022 is due to a number of reasons. Starting his journey from an investment of $600 to building a net worth of $120 million, he gained popularity by earning the tag of King of the Mint.

As of 6/19/2022, Pranksy owns a total of 35,000 NFTs, including 250 BAYCs, 101 Doodles, and many others. Pranky is the most prominent NFT collector in the world and has significant influence among NFT enthusiasts, with 420,000 followers on his Twitter.

3) 6529 Cryptopunk – NFT & Metaverse Influencer on Twitter with 389.2k followers

Top NFT Influencers on Twitter -10 NFT Twitter Profiles 2022

The owner of Cryptopunk #6529 and many more valuable NFTs gained popularity after taking the revolutionary step of launching an NFT investment fund that promised to keep the identity of all investors anonymous, just like him.

6529’s open metaverse project has gained a lot of attention with 326k followers on his NFT Twitter. 6259 has built a reputation and brand with anonymity as its main USP.

Top NFT Influencers on Twitter -10 NFT Twitter Profiles 2022

Gmoney is an NFT collector, investor and influencer based in Puerto Rico who made the Fortune NFTy50 list in 2022. Gmoney has kept his identity anonymous and has consistently tried to bring the NFT space into the mainstream.

He is on our list of the best NFT influencers on Twitter because of his deep knowledge of the NFT market and reputation as a brand builder, with 85k followers on his official Twitter.

5) Cosomo de’ Medici – 265.7k Twitter followers – Big patron of digital art

Top NFT Influencers on Twitter -10 NFT Twitter Profiles 2022

Cozomo de’ Medici has recently gained a lot of popularity on social media after tweeting about his best NFT mints and trades. The hype doubled when the sniffer dog claimed the owner of the wallet was linked to Cozoma de’ Medici who has $17 million worth of NFTs.

Cozomo has a huge following among his followers, consistently providing valuable NFT market insights that have helped people make big profits and build brands.

DCinvestor.eth is on our list of the best NFT influencers on Twitter 2022 because it has the most diversified NFT portfolio in the world. Many NFT experts consider DCinvestor’s NFT collection a work of art. His insights into the ETH network and NFTs are considered valuable information. DCinvestor.eth has 205 thousand followers on its Twitter profile.

7) Brett Malinowski – 199.2k Twitter followers

Bret Malinowski has been contributing to the NFT space in numerous ways for a long time. With a solid social media presence, brand builder, consultant, and influencer, Brett is the CEO of WGMImedia, founder of the Magic Mushroom Club NFT Project, and co-founder of the NFT Academy. His efforts to improve the education system using NFT have resulted in his growing popularity. Brett has 200k followers on his Twitter.

8)Beanie – 183.6k Twitter followers

Another guy who made our list of the best NFT Twitter influencers of 2022 is Beanie. He gained popularity long before he doubted the credibility of the Terra Luna network. Beanie is the creator of the Pixel vault, crypto advisor and investor in various NFT projects. As of 06/19/2022, Beanie has 184,000 followers on his Twitter.

9) seedphrase. eth – 175.8k Twitter followers

With the rarest collection of 564 NFTs, Seedpharse is on our list of top NFT influencers. His biggest flex is his #1 Cryptopunk. By profession, Seedphrase is a DJ, crypto consultant and early discoverer of NFTs. Seedphrase has a large following of 184,000 users on its Twitter account.

10) Richard. eth – 176.6k Twitter followers

The addition of another Cryptopunk owner to our list of top NFT influencers should come as no surprise. The reason is the extensive knowledge base of the fundamentals of NFTs before anyone even knew if NFTs existed. Richard is a smart contract creator and co-founder of Manifold, with a Twitter follower base of 180k users.

What is NFT Influencer Marketing based on Twitter?

Social media marketing and campaigns play a significant role in building a successful and profitable brand. Hundreds of NFT projects are launched every day. Therefore, in order to grow the community, target global engagement and sales, marketing teams of new NFT projects collaborate with major NFT influencers to promote their project on their Twitter accounts. Recently, Twitter has become a hub for NFT marketing.

How do NFT Influencers on Twitter make money?

Some of the legitimate ways to make money as an NFT influencer are as follows:

  • Consulting for building brands.
  • Portfolio management services.
  • Collaborations and product offers.
  • Promotions of NFT projects.
  • Hosting Twitter Spaces.
  • Sponsors.
  • Podcasting.
  • Webinars/Seminars.

Closing words

The craze to join the NFT wave is growing very fast. Numerous NFT drops are launched every day, and the chances of you being trapped in scams and carpet pulling increases. As a beginner, we do not advise you to invest in projects without prior knowledge.
To start a good and safe journey in the NFT space, we suggest you follow our list of top 10 NFT influencers on Twitter in 2022. Influencers provide the most credible resources, updates and insights to help you educate yourself about the NFT market. (c).

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