U Promise Me: The Digital Promise Platform

U Promise Me: The Digital Promise Platform

LONDON, June 2022. The U Promise Me team is proud to present U Promise Me – a Digital Promise Platform, dedicated to regulating human relations in terms of agreements and commitments and establishing a network of trusted and verified parties.

Taking on the popular features of popular social networks, promises can be made public or private, depending on User choice – and a reputation scoring system is attached to each promise.

The UPM Team is working towards releasing an app for mobile access to this platform – a neutral registry of promises with instant agreement verification.

The U Promise Me platform provides instant single, two-party or multi-party agreement verification

Our motto is – Promise Given, Promise Delivered!

Interaction with the Digital Promise system will create the ability to forecast which individuals or businesses can be relied and trusted on based on data collected from their previous promises.

We are building this unique system on the Tezos blockchain, which we think is best suited for the creation of a platform for instant agreement verification. The platform will issue FA2 utility promise tokens based on Tezos (XTZ) blockchain which will be used as a native token of the system.

The use of blockchain technologies enables us to make these Digital Promises immutable and valid because of self-executing agreements. UPM’s API will make our solution available to the general public, to developers, and to businesses that want to implement the capabilities of the system for their own needs in the most comfortable way.

U Promise Me Users will become the arbiters of their own honesty and trustworthiness, issuing their own Digital Promises. Anyone can issue a Digital Promise and track its status.

Our mission is to create the transparency and safety needed to cement the relationships that allow people around the globe to live and work together. We believe that trust is an essential component of society, as it creates the psychological safety and encouragement that people need to take risks as well as to make faster decisions.

Website: https://upromise.me/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/upromise_me
Discord: https://discord.gg/upromiseme

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