Unleashed Platinum will embody high fashion for Metaverse through its Ethereum-based NFT collection – CryptoMode

Unleashed Platinum will embody high fashion for Metaverse through its Ethereum-based NFT collection – CryptoMode

Unleashed Platinum will embody high fashion for Metaverse through its Ethereum-based NFT collection – CryptoMode

The purpose of the irreplaceable token technology is to facilitate the creation of a work of art capable of conveying a message. Unleashed Platinum is a project of world-famous creators who want to create authentic NFTs unlike anything else on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unleashed Platinum Vision

Platinum is a highly valuable precious metal that is often associated with purity, durability and high status in society. Although it is talked about less often than gold or silver, it has a higher price of almost $ 6,000 per ounce. The metal is subject to the mechanics of supply and demand, which can raise its price well above the commercial value of gold. It is an interesting investment, even if its value may vary more than other precious metals.

Like platinum, Released platinum NFT collection it aims to symbolize these same values ​​of permanence, purity and status. Various renowned creators are collaborating on this project to create authentic and never-before-seen NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT features 3D art and provides a current level of collecting through different angles, facial expressions, poses and fashion elements.

In essence, Unleashed Platinum wants to become the “face of high fashion” in the world of crypto art. The combination of aesthetics and expression brought a certain appeal. In addition, these NFTs are convenient social media profile pictures, allowing owners to differentiate themselves from other users and NFT collectors around the world. In addition, the collection offers multiple levels of convenience and utility that owners can explore.

Unleashed Platinum Utility

The team behind Unleashed Platinum wants to help bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds. Several stages of development will introduce this crossover, including:

  • Metaverse development: becoming the first high fashion art gallery to provide public exhibitions at Metaverse
  • Real world development: The team is building a Discount Mobile App to unlock royalties anywhere in the world for life. By scanning the NFT QR code you can unlock huge digital discounts – up to 30%! – for NFT owners, while offering benefits to traders.
  • Awards for activities: Active community members receive gold / diamond brooches worth $ 100,000, along with other exclusive prizes.
  • Premium experiences: Freed platinum NFT owners can get VIP access to NBA playoff games, UFC events, and even the Super Bowl. Moreover, they can attend private concerts and fashion shows, either at Metaverse or otherwise.
  • Luxury party for the end of the year: Available for Unleashed platinum holders who want to meet celebrities. The party will be held in top cities such as Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, Rome, Paris, etc.
  • Early access to future airdrops

Unleashed Platinum is constantly evolving and improving. NFT holders will always have the right to vote in any decision-making process affecting the project. Active community engagement will allow users to have a greater impact on big decisions. Voting questions include the selection of a charity to which Unleashed Platinum donates, among other things.

Early fans become VIPs

The unleashed Platinum NFT project welcomes everyone to join their Discord server. Early supporters get VIP access and can provide a place to forge a white list when the collection falls in June 2022. The community has grown day by day and conversations are very lively as everyone is excited about the project and its future potential.

Be sure to check out Unleashed Platinum Discord, Instagrami Twitter for news and updates regarding upcoming sales and forging information!

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