Upcoming NFT Mints: August 21 – 28: Yoots, Cel Mates and more!

Upcoming NFT Mints: August 21 – 28: Yoots, Cel Mates and more!

It’s the start of another wonderful week, which means there are plenty of exciting new upcoming NFT coins to talk about. Here at NFTevening we are always looking for the best NFT projects. Between August 21st and 28th, we have some whitelisted NFT projects for you, along with NFTs being made now and throughout the week.

Moreover, we have a dedicated ‘upcoming calendar of NFT crashes and events’ let me tell you what’s happening in the NFT space!

Now whitelisted for upcoming NFF projects


Yoots NFT whitelist is now open!

Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: N/A | Price: N/A | Offer: 15,000

Yoots is an exciting upcoming NFT project with huge buzz in the NFT community. So far, little is available about the project from the extremely impressive DeGods project team. However, the Yoots website offers different images of pfp NFT, which are undoubtedly exciting and unique.

This is one of the upcoming NFT projects to keep an eye on in the coming weeks! The whitelisting process is different and offers a fair chance for everyone to join. It is transparent; The whitelist Twitter page provides live updates of the latest whitelist additions.

Cel Mates

Upcoming NFT Mints: August 21 – 28: Yoots, Cel Mates and more!

To join the Cel Mates NFT whitelist, you must solve a puzzle!

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: N/A | Price: N/A | Supply: N/A

Created by @mcbess, Cel Mates is a mysterious NFT project with fantastic PFP NFT prisoners. To join the NFT whitelist, you have to solve problems and puzzles to gain access to the premint website, which is password protected. Not much is known about the mint price, the offer, and whether there will be a public sale.

However, head over to the Cel Mates Twitter page if you fancy a challenge. Here you have to wait for announcements, puzzles and more to enter this exclusive upcoming NFT mint.

NFTs coin now!

Infinity Void

Upcoming NFT Mints: August 21 – 28: Yoots, Cel Mates and more!

Infinity Void is an exciting metaversal NFT land project

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: LIVE NOW! | Price: 0.22 ETH | Procurement: 556

The Infinity Void Land sales in the virtual world are active, offering a wonderful opportunity to join a growing community. If you buy one of these terrestrial NFTs, you can gain access to a hyper-realistic metaverse with an immersive experience. There are huge plans for the space, and here you can earn money, build, reside, live, experience, communicate and much more without leaving your home!

Upcoming NFT Mints This Week

Tony Stewart – The Legend of Smoke Collection

Upcoming NFT Mints: August 21 – 28: Yoots, Cel Mates and more!

The Tony Stewart NFT Collection Launches This Week!

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: August 23 – 30 | Price: $5,000 / $250 | Supply: 30 / 500

This upcoming NFT mint of legendary race car driver Tony Stewart aka ‘Smoke’, comes with some amazing utilities. Series of champions a collection of 30 NFTs with five different animated videos highlighting Tony’s racing career. These NFTs are a must for racing car fans.

Each NFT comes with an autographed Tony Stewart fire suit, VIP hospitality on the track and a virtual hangout with Smoke. What’s more, one lucky NFT holder will win one of Tony’s race cars no. 14 and have a piece of racing history.

The Legacy Series consists of 500 NFTs, which cost $250. These NFTs are an inexpensive entry into the Tony Stewart NFT world, and each NFT comes with a 20% chance of a 30-minute virtual hangout with Tony.

The Grannies

Upcoming NFT Mints: August 21 – 28: Yoots, Cel Mates and more!

The Grannies NFT project starts on August 25th

Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: August 25 – September 1 | Price: 2 SOL | Supply: 3,333

Another exciting upcoming NFT collection is The Grannies. A collection of grannies who are surviving the zombie apocalypse need you to join their community and fight for the living. Get your hands on exclusive NFTs, tokens and more as a member of The Grannies.

Besides, there are already big plans for this project. The roadmap also includes DAO, investment and P2E play.

The art of shooting in the field

Upcoming NFT Mints: August 21 – 28: Yoots, Cel Mates and more!

The Art of Field Recording is a unique pro-audio project of the NFT community.

Blockchain: Solana | Mint date: August 25 | Price: 2 SOL | Procurement: 503

This upcoming NFT collection from the pro-audio community on NFT field recording is unique and creative. Working with a neural network, The Art of Field Capturing an abstract vision of an art form. What’s more, these NFTs will take you on a visual and audio adventure, over mountains, through forests and into the ocean.

Upcoming NFT projects to watch

Ezu is an exciting wear 2 earn upcoming NFT project

Upcoming NFT Mints: August 21 – 28: Yoots, Cel Mates and more!

Blockchain: Ethereum & Solana | Mint date: August 25 | Price: TBC | Offer: 15,000

Enough is a collection of 15,000 pfp NFTs consisting of four factions: light, vapor, liquid, and earth. Essentially, it is an NFT collection that powers a ‘Wear2Earn’ lifestyle app through apparel. Moreover, the project aims to “embrace change and encourage freedom”.

Even more upcoming NFT projects

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