Victoria Fard ‘AETHERIUS’ 1st dibs Digital Art NFT

Victoria Fard is a Canadian artist who fuses architecture, fine art and digital fabrication to create ethereal environments that explore themes of nature, culture and heritage. In the past, her works have been presented at Art Basel miami, Frieze Los Angeles and galleries throughout North America and Europe.

Made in conjunction with 1stDibs, Fard released AETHERIUS, a collection of new digital NFT artworks algorithmically shaped by faceted terrain and kaleidoscopic vegetation. “I imagine the abundance and serenity that nature brings. Despite the colorful surroundings, it is a place of reflection and solitude,” said the artist statement.

Similar to her previous studies, which are deeply inspired by Fard’s Persian and Filipino heritage, there is a noticeable floral motif that simultaneously runs through each of her hypnotic settings. Development for AETHERIUS took five months to complete and consists of 50,000 meshes and 25 GB of production data.

AIR, TERRA and WATER from the AETHERIUS collection are all one-in-one editions and are available for bidding on 1stdibs for $7,188.95, respectively.

elsewhere, PUMA jumps into the metaverse with its first digital experience.

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