Victoria’s Secret Files trademark applications to enter the NFT world

Victoria’s Secret Files trademark applications to enter the NFT world

Over the past year, NFT and Metaverse have attracted the attention of many celebrities and brands. Adding to the growing list of participants in the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret.

On February 13, trademark lawyer Michael Kondoudis revealed that the company had filed more than four applications for metaverse activities. The company is ready to offer its products in a virtual environment from the very look.

Victoria’s Secret enters Metaverse

Accordingly, Victoria’s Secret filed the trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The applications also state that the company wants to sell virtual underwear, glasses, headgear, bags and fashion accessories, as well as footwear. In addition, the company will also host virtual fashion shows. One of the trademark applications suggests that the brand will also offer its own designs as well NFTs u metaverse. The submission states that the brand wants to offer “downloadable virtual goods, ie computer programs for creating and trading digital collectibles using consensus protocols and smart blockchain-based contracts.”

Furthermore, the application adds that the virtual goods will contain “information, images, videos, recordings, highlights and experiences in the field of fashion, clothing, fashion accessories and style.” Victoria’s Secret was founded in the early 1970s in the United States by Roy Raymond. By the 1990s, the lingerie company had become a topic in the city.

Moreover, the brand collaborated with famous models and became famous for its fashion shows. However, the company experienced a decline in 2019 after growing criticism from all sectors. The lingerie company was condemned for its non-inclusiveness and lack of diversity in the choice of models. Shortly after growing controversy, marketing director Ed Razek resigned. The brand then tried to reshape its image to become more inclusive.

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Many companies want to explore Metaverse

Victoria’s Secret is not alone in its search for the metaverse. Many companies have started exploring virtual environments like Web3, Metaverse and NFTs become mainstream. According to recent news, McDonald’s fast food restaurant filed 12 trademark applications on February 4. Moreover, 11 of the 12 applications were related to virtual services such as virtual restaurants, symbols and cafes.

Also, the app states that McDonald’s will be able to provide people with multimedia files such as artwork, audio, video and NFTs. In the fashion line, apart from Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are some of the names that target metaverse.

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