We present a better way to interact with the audience on Instagram

We present a better way to interact with the audience on Instagram

What if I told you that interacting with your customers on Instagram could double or triple your income?

That is exactly what happened Southern Elegance Candle Co. as its founder and CEO D’Shawn Russell told us:

“Our social media brings us a lot of money … We’ve gone from making maybe $ 20,000-30,000 a month, just posting beautiful pictures, to more than $ 100,000 a month simply by hiring people more. “

Russell and Southern Elegance Candle Co. are not alone. Brands like Glossier (which attributes 70% of its growth proprietary, earned, peer-to-peer or organic channels), MadHappy, i Sass and Belle, focus on responding to almost all customers on Instagram.

So it can be incredibly powerful to focus on engagement. But how do you actually stay on top of every comment?

After working and testing with thousands of customers, we have developed a solution that is truly focused on enabling you to build better relationships and a stronger brand on Instagram.

We are thrilled to share that it is available to all Buffer customers today!

(If you are not yet a Buffer Buyer, you can start with just $ 15 a month.)

Introducing Instagram engagement at Buffer

Every time an Instagram comment goes unanswered, the opportunity to create a lifelong customer is lost.


Staying on top of these interactions is really hard.

Notifications from Instagram quickly disappear, and important comments move through the cracks. And we understand why – no one has time to hang out on Instagram 24/7. Your time is precious, and we are here to help you win it.

With this latest add-on, you’ll be able to respond to multiple comments, keep up to date with important interactions, and turn your followers into fans. All from the comfort of your dashboard in the buffer.

It’s really easy to miss new comments among likes, follow and mention notifications on Instagram. For most small business owners and marketing professionals, this means checking Instagram regularly to follow important comments carefully.

We’ve experienced this ourselves on our own Instagram account and we’ve heard it from many customers. And that’s why our engagement features are specifically created to help you stay up to date with all your comments.

There are all the benefits of community building and engagement, but it also saves me time. I can’t tell you how useful that is.

We present a better way to interact with the audience on Instagram

Right at the top you can immediately see how many unanswered comments you have. The familiar view of the network allows you to very easily and quickly go to the appropriate Instagram posts to respond to a comment.

You can respond quickly to as many comments as possible, and if there is a comment that does not need a response, you can simply dismiss it by clicking the check mark next to the comment and it will be considered “responsible.”

Course creator and artist Tamer Ghoneim shared with us, “it’s really important to me to try to respond to every comment, but it’s impossible to find them, notifications stand out, and I just didn’t have a good way to manage comments on Instagram. I can’t start telling you how happy I was when I saw the engagement features in the Buffer. I literally spent hours, if not days looking for something like that. There are all the benefits of community building and engagement, but it also saves me time. I can’t tell you how useful it was to you. “

Prioritize important conversations

Notifications on Instagram are displayed in reverse chronological order. So for most people, you’ll see the latest notifications first and you’ll probably bother with the order in which they’re displayed.

But the latest notice may not be the most important or urgent to respond to. There may be a comment about a major order issue or a comment from an impact representative asking about your products – hidden somehow in the middle of all your notifications. These are comments you might want to prioritize.

With buffer, you can do just that. We use a mixture of filtering and machine learning to identify three types of comments you might want to check first:

  1. Negative comments
  2. Comments about the order
  3. Comments with a question
We present a better way to interact with the audience on Instagram

Posts with one or more of these comment types will have a tag so you can spot it right away. No more scrolling and searching. Just click on the post and jump right to reply to the comment.

“We use the Engage tool on a daily basis to ensure we never miss a comment or question from our community. I really like how it marks comments that may be a problem or that are a potentially important issue that we may have missed.” said Stephanie Kaluza, social media manager Sass and Belle.

The fastest way to engage on Instagram

Time is one of the most important assets for small businesses. There is always so much to do, and so little time. We want to help small business owners and marketing professionals get their time back so they can work on other parts of their business and also contribute to their communities.

First, the ability to respond to comments on your laptop and desktop allows you to go through comments faster than on a mobile app – without compromising the quality and thoughtfulness of the answers.

“It’s hard to stay on top of Instagram, especially because as a regular salesperson I’m on a laptop / desktop most of the time, and IG is so mobile-oriented. You can’t do everything on the platform from the desktop. Well done for Buffer’s ingenuity! “Beverly McLean, CTC, Director of Social Media at Covington Travel tell us.

Second, there are quick keys to help speed up your engagement:

  • Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate in the comments
  • Press CTRL + D to discard the comments
  • Press ENTER to send a response (and you will be automatically redirected to the next comment)
We present a better way to interact with the audience on Instagram

Finally, sometimes you might want to respond with quick emoji thumbnails (especially when responding to an emoji thumbnail comment). Buffer studies the emojis you use most often and suggests them to you when you respond to a comment.

Build a living audience

For many years, companies have simply focused on publishing lots and lots of content. Those who have managed to build a community of faithful followers are those who understand our human instinct to connect and socialize.

While many companies don’t overreact on social media, this is an easy way to stand out from the crowd, impress your fans, and build a relationship.

If you have a Buffer (Publish) subscription, this has been added to your account for free! Simply click “Engagement” in the upper left corner to start engaging your fans on Instagram – right in the Buffer.

Otherwise we would love it try the buffer for free for 14 days.


Do I have to pay extra for this feature?

No. If you have a Buffer (Publish) subscription, it is added to your subscription for free. If you are not yet a Buffer buyer, you can start here with only $ 15 a month.

Can I use this for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

We are currently working on integration with Facebook, so you will be able to respond to comments on your Facebook page. We don’t have a timeline for Twitter and LinkedIn yet.

Does this work for all Instagram profiles?

This only applies to business profiles on Instagram. If you use an Instagram personal profile for your business, you may want to consider converting to a business profile to take advantage of this feature (and our publishing and analytics features).

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