What is a monkey company and should I buy it?  – CryptoMode

What is a monkey company and should I buy it? – CryptoMode

What is a monkey company and should I buy it?  – CryptoMode

Irreplaceable collections of monkey-themed tokens usually arouse great interest among enthusiasts and profit hunters. Monkey Society is a new venture, but it has some interesting aspects. The collection will seemingly borrow elements from BAYC – free mutant monkeys, restricted goods, etc. – and contains a class-based rarity system.

The concept of monkey society

Nowadays, the NFT collection on the theme of monkeys can become challenging to follow. Recent launch ApeCoin it just wraps things up even more. The Monkey Society has no official affiliation with BAYC, MAYC or any other NFT collection on the subject of monkeys that originated before it. However, the work of art is quite similar in some cases, although everything is hand-drawn.

The Monkey Society collection includes three basic characters and over 150 unique traits. In essence, the team states that they have turned the three collections into one larger society of monkeys, which includes 4,444 pieces. All NFTs have a certain class and rarity assigned to them. The higher the class, the rarer the monkey is, and the more valuable it can become.

What is a monkey company and should I buy it?  – CryptoMode

The poor class can be recognized by monkeys who have difficulties in life, including a crack in the ear, a gap in the teeth, etc. NFT middle class monkey societies include construction workers, military doctors and everything in between. High class, although extremely rare, is not at all difficult to recognize. Poor class monkeys are common, middle class monkeys are rare, and high class monkeys are super rare. A very simple system, although nothing revolutionary.

Users who originally minted the NFT of the Monkey Society during the ongoing minting process will be given the role of “OG”. That role comes with a variety of benefits, including a free mutant serum (sounds familiar?), Membership in the High Society Ape Club, free exclusive HSAC merchandise, and more. Maintaining an NFT high-class monkey society will unlock the same benefits for those who miss out on money.

Will the collection go anywhere?

The roadmap is key to any immutable token project. Building an initial hype is simple, but creating a long-term engagement requires vision, encouragement, and business sense. While providing access to a mutant serum for a free mutant monkey and introducing limited merchandise, the Monkey Society has yet to come up with a solid business plan. Like most collections, people either invest in artwork or hope the team can put together something spectacular. More often than not, this last part never materializes.

Initial road map it is nothing special and similar to other NFT projects that focus on the momentum of the profile picture. Releasing goods and setting up community wallets has become standard practice. Moreover, returning some funds from forging to raising the lowest price is a solid plan, but relatively short-term. Using a 5% bonus to stabilize the lowest price each week sounds promising, but it only pays off if the collection maintains trading volume.

that said BAYC and MAYC is they didn’t really have a roadmap when the developers started the projects. Monkey sees, monkey sees, although no two are the same NFT monkey collections or monkey themes. Research before you decide to invest, because the initial hype and long-term business sense are two very different creatures that are often mutually exclusive in the NFT space.

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