Who do you think you are?  6 steps to building brand awareness to excel with your clients

Who do you think you are? 6 steps to building brand awareness to excel with your clients

What do customers think of you when they are online? Have you reviewed what they see about your business? Are they getting the same message wherever they find your business?

Your digital presence, the content you produce, the posts you reshare, the comments you make and the online conversations you engage in are key elements of your business identity.

Your interests, thinking, expertise and authority are on display. What you create for the web helps those who come across those creations—posts, videos, articles, engagements—to trust you for very specific things. Erfolk Marketing Agency outlines six steps you can take to increase brand awareness and stay top of mind for your customers.

Information about you

Data flow is responsible for all your web content (semantic search) and for the connection with all marketing and branding content. Search engines search data looking for answers to queries on the Internet.

You want your data to be found and submitted to search engines.

You will face many challenges when it comes to successful advertising, marketing and branding, as well as having an outstanding reputation and being seen as trustworthy.

Everything you have on the web reflects your brand. The more you connect with clients and potential customers, the better you build brand awareness.

All this data about you – your business – reflects how potential customers and clients perceive your business.

Build brand recognition

Brand strategy for your web presence— whatever you have online — is meant to tell people about your business, get them interested in your product or service, and see your business as the solution they need to solve their problem.

You want to be consistent – ​​logo, brand colors, font choice, messaging, image types, voice (humorous, serious, humorous) – because wherever clients find you, they recognize your business. Oh, here [YOUR BUSINESS] talking about [YOUR BUSINESS TOPIC] and answering questions about what I wanted to know.

Thus, brand recognition works in your favor. As people see you spot on about your topic, they come to know your business and trust you as a resource.

And the more they do, the more likely they are to buy your solution for their needs.

The more you show up as a resource, the more you’ll become the go-to solution for those looking for answers.

How to build your brand awareness online

The best way to build brand awareness is to develop a business personality and let it show wherever you have an online presence. It is more than a recognizable logo like Coca-Cola.

It’s more like the Virgin group of companies, founded by Richard Branson. This is because of the power, perception and reach of his web presence.

As David Amerland says in his book SEO Help (Online Success Series, 2020, p. 113):

Behind all this are mathematical calculations that assign a certain algorithmically determined weight to your presence, which makes it ‘trustworthy’ in the eyes of search engines and, as a result, visible to more people on the web.

You don’t necessarily have to understand calculations, but you have to do the work increase the visibility of your business.

Here are six steps that serve as a foundation for building your brand for recognition on the web:

1. Be selective

Be selective about your activities. Choose your range of expertise and stick with it.

Deliver real value to potential customers with original, focused content.

If you stay focused and selective about what you put on the web, you’ll get faster and deeper results.

2. Have style

Give your business personality and let it shine. In other words, keep it real. Don’t hide behind facts or present a “safe” persona reciting what’s already out there. Show your enthusiasm.

This uniqueness is part of what makes you stand out wherever you appear on the web.

Be real and show your humanity. You’ll make it easy for people to connect with you.

3. Be consistent

When your audience begins to understand you, they begin to trust you. Reiterate your business values ​​through content and actions.

Keep your information focused and showcase it in a variety of ways across many online venues and platforms. Engage with every response to an article or social media post, showing that you care about your customers.

4. Be intentional

Define your business identity. Just as you as a person want to be known for certain qualities, you want the same recognition (brand awareness) for your business.

Align your principles, values ​​and goals with who you are as a business. And, equally important, who do you want to become your business.

Reflect these values ​​in all your online activities.

5. Invest time

The reason you have a business presence on the web is to acquire new customers or clients. When someone asks you a question, answer the question. When someone comments on a social media post, respond.

It’s not a one-way street on the web. Engagement with people who come to your website or any platform are potential customers. Give them the time they expect and need to develop a relationship with your business.

6. Evolve

The modern market is fluid, and technology is evolving. Stay up to date with online best practices. Make sure your business grows and evolves along with the platforms and technologies you use to connect with your audience.

Your brand identity and technology

To choose and use the right technology for your business, you need to have a clear vision of your business brand.

The clearer you are about your business, the easier it is to make decisions about brand awareness campaigns. From the content found in your blog posts to the images you choose, your topics as a podcast guest, your marketing and advertising – they all reflect your brand.

Putting these steps in place will help you strategize the best ways to use technology to introduce people to your brand.

Whether you’re building your own brand awareness strategy or hiring a digital marketing agency, these steps are the foundation for successful brand awareness.

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