Why 2022 is the ‘relationship marketing’ year

Why 2022 is the ‘relationship marketing’ year

The way it interacts with consumers is through hyperpersonalized real-time experiences, reveals a new eConsultancy report in partnership with Cheetah Digital. The reportThe ‘Digital Consumer Trends Index 2022: Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising and Brand Loyalty’ shows that consumers across the UK communicate with a brand across multiple channels, often unpredictably.

Talking to Paul Thomas on her weekly podcast. “Let’s talk about loyalty“, Cheetah Digital Vice President of Content and Data Tim Glomb outlined key conclusions from reportengaging in consumer attitudes towards personalization, privacy, messaging and brand loyalty in the UK.

The team, which leads the global report each year, says consumer insights have long been a significant driver of its marketing strategies. “You can have a great marketing team and a lot of smart people in the room, but if you don’t really listen to the audience and don’t understand their sentiment and attitudes, then you will miss the mark,” he says.

ROI personalization

It turns out that greater personalization brings return on investment (ROI) and long-term consumer excitement. But it is important that it is as it should be. “If you can personalize on a large scale, you’re not doing exactly what consumers expect,” says Tim. “Our report shows a 110% increase in people who want to be treated as individuals, which really solidifies Cheetah Digital’s strategy and investment in personalization machines.”

“As a marketing expert, it’s something you can’t sleep on anymore. Not after COVID. People want to have a voice. They want to be recognized, and they want to be recognized for their loyalty and loyalty to brands. The data speaks for itself – I’m not saying you have to personalize; almost 5,000 people tell you that. ”

First of all, retailers need to create a strategy that involves getting closer to their customers. Customers say: ‘We are happy to be able to provide our information and sign up for your marketing program in exchange for relevant offers sent directly to me.’

Unpacking bad and ugly tactics based on cookies

In the report, anonymous browsing has increased by 50% this year compared to last. “It’s like a kind of rebellion,” Tim points out. “For years, traders have grown fat on cookie technology. We embraced the technology that made us lazy marketers, putting creatives aside and focusing solely on sales goals. And consumers are over it. They’re done. They don’t care about your marketing plan. ”

He believes that the sooner traders realize this and start building relationships, the better. “Relationship marketing needs a big chance this year,” he says. “It’s time to go back to the way we communicate as people and build relationships. We need to start doing this with our audience on a large scale. ”

As browsers, such as Google, solidify their plans to comprehensively combat third-party cookie tracking, and consumers become more proactive in protecting their online privacy, merchants must switch to first-party and zero-page data strategies to launch their advertising and marketing initiatives. . They have to get permission from their customers or risk being labeled as “creepy”.

Paula says there is a fine line between what is okay to use and what is simply unacceptable. “I recently talked to a friend about the herpes she had. And I immediately started getting ads for herpes creams on my mobile phone. It was disturbing, ”she said.

The team says that such things happen too often. A Cheetah Digital report found that more than half of consumers in the UK (64%) believe that tracking cookies is creepy. “There’s a better way, and that’s license-based marketing. That is not rocket science. In fact, it should be common sense, ”he says.

“But the data still shows that, year after year, people are becoming more and more frustrated with these types of tactics,” he says. “Marketers must consider and leave this tactic to the real spies of the world. They need to keep building better relationships. ”

Recognition is key

This year’s report also highlights that consumers want to feel part of the community. In the value-sharing economy, consumers in the UK reward brands that prioritize personalization, and more than half (54%) say they will trade personal and preference data to feel part of the brand community.

“For the brand, it means creating a forum for users to engage and get to know each other,” says Tim. “Brands can create value in more ways than the points themselves. Upgrades are great, but they are not enough if you do not provide a sense of community and do not recognize individual actions. ”

Paula agrees, adding the importance of innovative loyalty. “With more than that, the whole industry will prosper,” she says. “Consumers will increase their level of engagement when they have the opportunity to connect with the brand.”

The team says Cheetah Digital it is rewarded for having a robust, customized and emotional loyalty solution. “We are not selling one solution for everyone. It’s custom-made; each brand is completely unique. We get excited when brands ask us to come up with something different that goes beyond points, rewards and transactions, ”he says.

Email still dominates

As third-party cookies continue to fall apart, one of the biggest discoveries for retailers was the mere fact that relationship marketing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Competitions and sweepstakes, for example, are cost-effective methods of engagement.

However, in order to get the most for their money, Tim says that the acceptance of technology is necessary. “When brands start using technology to continue the conversation and listen meaningfully to consumers, their loyalty and product offering become far more aligned with their audience. Technology allows retailers to make the right offer to the right person at the right time, ”he says.

Email also remains an incredibly effective tool that marketers can take advantage of. When it comes to

increasing sales, the report found that email outperformed paid social and display advertising

up to 128% in the UK.

“Email remains the number one driver,” says Tim. “It surpasses banner ads, social media posts and other channels to launch a store. And it has always existed. Email is a core product and it’s something every brand should have for a robust strategy. ”

One of the reasons why email stays in effect year after year is its personalization capabilities. “You can personalize your email other than just the name in the database,” Tim points out. “We can now inject keywords into headlines to influence the opening rate.”

Relationship marketing to win

Experts agree that 2022 is the year of relationship marketing. At Cheetah Digital, we want to encourage brand retailers to reassess. Do they really build the right relationships or do they simply serve their needs and meet their goals? ”

It’s also worth noting, as Tim says, that it’s okay to study, be humble, and admit that you don’t have everything arranged. A secret? Nobody took care of everything.

“Don’t worry if you don’t have your strategy in place,” says Tim. “You’re looking for resources, download our reportgo to Cheetah Digital or other platforms like ours that have the resources and do your homework so you can make the best decisions for your brand. ”

To take away? Keep the consumer at the center of your efforts, build a relationship with him and you will win. Your brand will win.

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